Green Party SOTU rebuttal: parties of war and Wall Street place profits before people

From Green Party US site:
Hoh, a U.S. Marine veteran turned antiwar organizer, said, “We just witnessed during the State of the Union the two parties of war and Wall Street cheer for profits and stock prices over human life and our planet.”
“Obscenely, perhaps the loudest cheers tonight were for the killing that is occurring in Ukraine. The catastrophe in Ukraine has very nearly everything to do with liquid natural gas markets and other commercial concerns and the megalomania of those in D.C., Moscow, London and Kiev. Those, as well, are the reasons that have driven the U.S. wars, invasion, aggression and occupation throughout the Muslim world. Wars that are now mostly secret and extend from the West Coast of Africa all the way to Pakistan. Wars that may be unseen to us, but are brutal, calamitous and criminal to those living through them. Perhaps nowhere is this better displayed than in Afghanistan, of which the president made no mention tonight. [Twenty]-plus years of U.S. war in that country has led the population to be governed by the Taliban again. The people of Afghanistan are starving and freezing through the winter, and the United States has just stolen their money. This is why we say we see no difference in these wars.”
Hoh also discussed the failures of both parties to address the pandemic and climate change and provided Green Party solutions.
“We look at the climate crisis and the pandemic and we see the same reasons – decades of disuse, disinterest and disregard for human life and dignity at the expense of profit.”
“The first thing we need is an economic bill of rights that will sustain working families and will prepare us for the future that climate change will bring. This is what separates us from the two parties of war and Wall Street – our belief in human dignity and rights. We believe that healthcare, housing, education, and jobs are a human right. And we believe that our government has a duty to meet those rights.”
“We have a choice, just as decades of Republican and Democratic greed have brought us to this point. We can now choose to take back control, make things right, and ensure our future. Together, we can not only move forward, but we can rebuild, heal and prosper. Think of why you tuned in tonight to watch a Green give this rebuttal to the President. Remember who you are doing this for. And remember who is against us. We must stop this profit-taking by the parties of war and Wall Street. We must do it for ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors and our planet.”